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Personal Mood Stat Adv

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開発者 Lifestyle Guru, LLC
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“How are you today?” – a simple question we hear every day. And here goes “Great!”, “Very well!”, “Good!”… But is it your real mood today?

Psychologists say, person’s mood is very important and significant subject. Our mood makes difference in our work, relationship, activities and self-development. It affects how we communicate with our friends, family, co-workers and bosses. It influences what we achieve and generally, what we want and strive for. So, it’s vital at least to monitor your own mood. And here is a little helper for you – the Personal Mood Stat application.

Having this app on your device, you can easily monitor your mood and keep a diary of emotions on-the-go. Are you really happy? Does Friday make you excited indeed? When are you the saddest and why? Simple app will help you with answering all these questions and exploring your own personality. With Personal Mood Stat it will be easier to find out if your job, your family, the day of week of the weather influences your mood and why.

HOW TO USE: It’s very simple and could be done on-the-go. Just open the app every day and select a smile sign that represents the best your current mood. Add a comment, if necessary. It may be the happy smile with a “got an unexpected discount today!” comment or the angry smile bearing a note “the traffic killed me today”. Make it a habit to record your mood daily. After weeks, check the statistics of you mood changes. Personal Mood Stat features a calendar, which helps your to track your mood through days, weeks and months.

Personal Mood Stat features:
- A great and easy-to-use tool to track your mood and emotions every day;
- Friendly smile signs representing the mood – simply choose the one that suits you the best today!;
- A build-in calendar to overview mood swings throughout the past days, weeks, months, even years!;
- Statistics that shows your most common mood within a chosen period;
- Colored diagrams reporting about the changes of your emotions.